Why Learn Coding ?

Means of Creation
Coding improves problem solving skills and gives confidence to build anything you want with just coding languages. You can build web or mobile apps .You can apply coding skill to build innovative products that can be used for agriculture or smart home,address some of the biggest issues that humankind is facing with like climate change, healthcare, education and many more.

You Become a Tool Maker
When you become a programmer you become a tool maker and you love your craft because it fulfills you. You create tools all day long to help people or yourself, or solve the unsolvable, or create better entertainment, make life more efficient, synthesize conscience and logic, and a plethora of concepts.

You Learn To Research
Programming is a gift to those who pursue it. You spend so much time learning that you learn to research, understand, and apply. You can pick up new languages in a snap because you know what to look for, you know what questions to ask or how to phrase them. You learn how to read documentation and analyze code Moreover, you become a part of a community that is always evolving and innovating.

Career Growth
In the 21st century, if you want to learn a skill that opens doors to multiple careers, coding is the way to go. The career prospects for a coder is ever expanding, from the obvious coding jobs to entrepreneurship.You not only teach yourself the language of the 21st century, but also open doors to various career paths. Every industry whether it be automobile, healthcare etc all are now implementing the use of computer programming for the convenience of the end user. A good command over coding can thus open the door to a wide variety of employment opportunities.

Learn to Code Early

This video will explain it all.