Dear Students,

Welcome to Code Build, a premier coding/programming/Computer Science Education school.The idea & vision behind starting this unique coding school is to increase access to good rigorous CS Education and help BUILD the computer science education the world needs. CS is not only about learning programming but also about unleashing your creative ideas & computational thinking .We all know how incredible important it is to have logical thinking and software engineering skills because each software engineering job which is filled gives rise to more software engineering jobs thus increasing the global economy and becoming a major economy driver .We want the people to realize the importance of CS Education in National and Global economy and give importance to CS education to every high school. CS education permeates computational thinking in student’s life and help them solve big issues like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Security, Big Data and Digital Currency .

Our Courses in Computer Science and Programming our live online courses very similar to classroom teaching.We use various tely- communication software models which one can easily access from anywhere in the world. Our mentors are highly qualified with number of years of experience in industry and having an equal passion for teaching so you learn from industry experts from day 1. We have volunteers with a strong background in Computer Science and Programming who form the backbone of code build. We need more people like you to volunteer to teach Computer Science and help bridge the gap for thousand of students who will benefit from your teaching . Industry Volunteers and Student Partners create a ripple effect impacting the students they teach and the many students who will study CS in future

Learning computer science and programming courses empowers young people to compete in the global economy and pursue careers across all sectors because it ignites innovation and learning in students and teaches students computational thinking and problem solving skills applicable in any industry. Research has shown that 1 on 1 learning is the most effective way to learn When you have full undivided attention of your mentor, you remember more, you are more motivated & your achievement soars & that is how we work .

We work hard to BUILD the tech education the world needs by teaching the SMARTER way to learn (here world class tech curriculum is taught by real world professionals)

So Dear Students and Professionals join us to close the CS education gap and help us BUILD the next generation of innovators and coders.

Thank you

Founder and Volunteer