How We Work ?

Learn From Anywhere

Experienced Mentors will  take you through the course material, step by step, in our high-quality Remote Classroom Teaching .All our courses would be a fully interactive and immersive. We are following a highly interactive teaching methodology, which one cannot experience in traditional whiteboard classroom teaching or other online course websites.Our courses ensure proper concept clarity and understanding. Moreover you can learn  from whenever and wherever you want withoutbothering  about commute. Here you learn how to BUILD stuff and make a difference in this world.

1 on 1 with industry experts

A mentor gets assigned to each individual student as soon as the course starts. The mentor  would be available throughout the week on our portal at specified timings to take your doubts. As well as in WhatsApp groups, individually if required.

Project Based

Theory is no good, if you haven’t learnt to apply it right – our approach is all about application. All our courses are  intense, immersive and  you will get the hands-on experience. We approach programming as an art form and teach you how to express it beautifully. Among other things, we develop in you a strong understanding of data structures, algorithms, and computer program design. We emphasize not on a particular programming language, but on how to write great code no matter what programming language you use. We make our programmers masters of source code so that adapting to any skill or technology later, is seamless. At Code Build  you will work on multiple projects with an aim to develop actual working prototypes or real software products, which will back your skills with results.

  1. The projects that the students will work on in the courses are designed to be rigorous touching upon various concepts in computer science simultaneously. This will make students develop perseverance and really have a deep understanding of the Computer Science concepts

Practice @ Code Geeks

Practice our course assignments in your computer and become a better programmer as practice makes one perfect & bring to life what you learned and receive immediate, helpful feedback and code validation.


You will be assessed weekly by our course assigments and practice tests


After course completion get instructor-signed certificate with our logo to verify your achievement and increase your job prospects.

Tools We will be Using

The tools for classroom teaching which we are going to use:

  1. Visual Studio Code as our integrated development environment.
  2. Visual Studio Code Live Share for sharing the teachers environment where students can collaborate and work on projects with teachers.
  3. Git for version control.
  4. Skype/Teamviewer/Microsoft Teams/Slack for face to face communication.
  5. Video Conferencing.