CBCS104 Introduction to Ruby on Rails & Rails Programming

Why learn Ruby on Rails?

As one of the most powerful ways to quickly develop web applications, Ruby on Rails has a high relevance and demand in today’s marketplace. Many Companies like Airbnb, Salesforce and many others have built their products using the Rails framework. Ruby originated in Japan and now it is gaining popularity in US and the rest of the world. The following factors contribute towards its popularity −

  • Easy To learn
  • Open source (very liberal license)
  • Rich libraries
  • Very easy to extend
  • Truly object-oriented
  • Less coding with fewer bugs
  • Helpful community
  • Similar to Perl & Python


Building with Rails also offers a good opportunity to put into practice all the skills you’ve learned so far—from implementing static webpages with HTML and CSS to using programming concepts like object-oriented programming.

The principle difference between Ruby on Rails and other frameworks for development lies in the speed and ease of use that developers working within the environment enjoy. Changes made to applications are immediately applied, avoiding the time consuming steps normally associated with the web development cycle.
Ruby on Rails is a powerful web development tool that adds a back end dimension to front end skills like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While Rails is a crucial skill to add if you already have tech skills, it’s also user-friendly enough to be a totally manageable entry point into programming and web development.


Course Outcomes
  • Learn how to rapidly prototype ideas and turn them into presentable apps
  • Become a professional web application developer
  • Become a professional Ruby on Rails developer
  • Apply for jobs at software companies as Ruby on Rails developer
  • Learn to build full-fledged web applications with Rails, one of the most popular and easy to use web application development frameworks.
  • By the end of the course, you will get familiarity around Rails core concepts, like the MVC design pattern, and how to communicate with databases to persist data. Rails is a Ruby-based framework, and builds off knowledge from the Ruby course

Introduction to Ruby on Rails & Rails Programming

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Course Content

Time: 10 weeks

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