Coding For Juniors


A dynamic program dedicated in expanding the knowledge of Computer science and Programming & preparing your child for the future!
We offer regular programming, project based classes throughout the year that prepare kids for future success. We believe strongly that every child must learn to code.
All of our classes are 8 weeks long, one day a week, and have a small class size of 8 participants. The cost of classes are Rs 7000 /8 week program. For more details about the classes and for instructions on how to register, please contact us.
Young people, between 6 and 17, can join us to explore technology together, make apps, websites, games, play with hardware and much more and get advice and support from skilled mentors.

Our mission is to bring the teaching of computer programming into schools, ensure that parents are aware of the benefits of coding, and to offer a space where kids can come, learn and create
This course will be for the students of classes VI to X and will instill a strong foundation in Computer Programming which will help them in many stages of life.
We wanted to inspire kids to think and create, rather than just use existing technology

Learn to Code from Anywhere!
At Code Build Juniors we provide year round, self paced classes that students can join from the comfort of home.
If you are looking for the perfect after school activity for your son or daughter– LEARNING TO CODE is the one. Learning to code will inspire kids to think and create, rather than play with the phone.
Our live online remote classroom coding classes will quickly have them creating fun projects within a group of their peers at whatever level they are currently at. Our live instructors make sure that they get the help they need at exactly the right time.
Ages 7-18
Rs 7000/ 8 weeks
Try your first class risk free. We know you will love it, and we give you a money back guarantee!

Our Mission
Teach students to code well as great programmers know how to write great code . As students move up the “Code Ladder”we introduce them to different programming languages. Programming languages are their tools to write code .

Web Focus On Project Work
No boring video lectures. We teach various Computer Science fundamentals and programming concepts through projects. Kids will learn to make full fledged computer games which one can play on the browser .
Some of current games which students are going to build are:
Pong (demo:
Super Mario Bros (demo: )
Hangman game (demo: )
Space Invaders (
Final Project (student get to be creative and build whatever they want)

Solid Foundation Of The CS Concepts
The CS topics we are going to cover
The Snap Programming language( ). Because we are going to build all the computer games using that. Snap is built on top of javascript so students will get a intro to javascript as well.
Procedural programming.
Imperative programming.
Functional programming (aka lamdba, map reduce etc.)
Asynchronous programming.
Parallel programming.
Object Oriented Programming.
Debugging Techniques and problem solving.
There will a lot of small projects and homeworks along the way which is going to help students build the bigger projects.

Individualized Approach
Full faculty support will be provided to the students when building the big projects. Both faculty and students will build the big projects together in the classroom as well as individually on their own time.

CODE – Athons
Coding fun for kids. Our flagship location in NOIDA UP INDIA runs fun weekly get-togethers for all our coders and their friends. Friday night coding jams offer kids a chance to practice and show off their programming skills, while receiving guidance from industry experts. Don’t miss out!

Technical Requirements
PC (Windows XP ) or Mac with a 2GHz processor and 4GB of RAM.
Broadband internet with at least 1.2Mbps download and 600Kbps upload speeds.
Webcam – Either external or built-in.
Microphone and Speakers – We recommend headphones with an integrated microphone so that you can hear us and we can hear you as clearly as possible, but as long as you have speakers and a microphone and are in a quiet place it will be fine.

What are the benefits of learning coding for kids?
Coding can really trigger and encourage your child’s desire and ability to combine their sense of logic with their intuition. Kids instantly see it as a tool for testing their creative stream of “what happens if I do this?” questions and ideas.

When your child is learning to code with their computer, robot, tablet or other screen, it’s not just idle screen time. It’s an active engagement and developing activity that, in the process, teaches them valuable life skills:

Organizational and Problem-Solving Skills
As kids try to program the actions of a robot or a computer program or game, they learn to identify all the small steps that, when combined, create the bigger journey. They learn to anticipate obstacles, find creative shortcuts or add unexpected details that improve the experience.!

Curiosity, Creativity and Confidence
Kids can make rockets or doll houses out of cardboard box and crayons. Imagine what they can do with code! Kids find creative ways to use what they have to build something new..
Stronger Future With Stem
Whether your child wants to be a doctor, software engineer, be a chef or create art, chances are they’ll be working with one or more of the STEM disciplines: science, technology, engineering or math. They don’t need to be experts at STEM – just learning the basics of coding can give them a much deeper understanding of the technologies they’ll be working with as well as the tools they need to help improve processes and workloads in their field.

For kids, there’s no better way to learn anything than through play. The same goes for coding.

Coding For Juniors

Rs 7000

(8-10 Lectures)

Course Content

Time: 10 weeks

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