CBCS101: C++ Complete Course With Data Structures & Algorithms

Overview /Description of the Course

Want to become successful in the tech industry then our C++ course is very essential for you. Today, C++ has become the language of choice for most programmers. Doing the course from us will separate you from the crowd and get you hired in top paying tech jobs. The course will involve rigorous practice of questions based on Linked lists, Data Structures,Sorting, Algorithms, Dynamic Programming,Trees,Hashing,Heaps,Graphs, and you will also learn to execute your own programme by doing a project work. Learning C++ will open the doors for you for almost all Software Companies.
Course starts with basics fundamentals and we gradually sharpen your problem solving and logical reasoning skills by lot of practice questions. Emphasis is given on Object Oriented Programming Concepts and coding practices followed in software industry .


Class Break Down Topics

  • semantics of the cpp
  • what is compiler / IDE
  • variables / types of variables
  • input / output streams and validation of data
  • operators – arithmetic, assignment, logical, bitwise
  • conditions like if / else / switch
  • arrays / multi-dimensional arrays
  • loops – for / while / do-while
  • functions, overloading functions, passing variables to functions etc.
  • structures
  • referencers
  • pointers
  • dynamic allocation of memory
  • creating project in IDE
  • Creating your own classes
  • object oriented programming
  • class and function templates
  • namespaces
  • exceptions


What Will I Learn?
  • Learn to program with one of the most powerful programming languages that exists today, C++.
  • Obtain the key concepts of programming that will also apply to other programming languages
  • Learn Modern C++ rather than an obsolete version of C++ that most other courses teach
  • Learn C++ features from basic to more advanced such as inheritance and polymorphic functions
  • Learn C++ using a proven curriculum that covers more material than most C++ university courses
  • Learn C++ from an experienced industry experts who will better be able to bridge the gap between traditional university teaching and Industry requirements
  • Includes Quizzes, Live Coding Exercises, Challenge Coding Exercises and
  • Assignments
  • At the end of the course you will be through with all these topics and will make you be confident in programming in any language .
  • Learning C++ from us will open the doors to almost all software companies.


Why you should learn C++

Much, if not most of software written today is still written in C++ and this has been the case for many, many years.

Not only is C++ popular, it is also a very relevant language. If you go to GitHub you will see that there are a huge number of active C++ repositories and C++ is also extremely active on stack overflow.

There are many, many leading software titles written entirely or partly in C++. These include the Windows, Linux and Mac OSX operating systems!

Many of the Adobe products such as Photoshop and Illustrator, the mySQL and MongoDB database engines, and many many more are written in C++.

Leading tech companies use C++ for many of their products and internal research and development. These include Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, PayPal, Google, Facebook, Oracle and many more.

Can you see how learning C++ will open up more career opportunities for you?
If more professional companies are using C++, it stands to reason that there is going to be more of a demand for C++ programmers.

But the main reason programmers should probably learn C++ is because it is so powerful!


What do I mean by powerful?

C++ is super fast, and is a general purpose programming language that supports both procedure and object oriented programming making it very flexible.

It can scale easily. And it can be portable as well.

C++ can do many things that other languages just can’t.

That’s why nearly every major language has a way to interface with code written in C++.

Since C++ has influenced so many languages, if you know C++ you’ll likely see elements from C++ in new languages you learn.

The course assumes no previous experience with C++ (or even programming in general), and you will end up with the skills to create your own programs in C++.

C++ Complete Course with Data Structures & Algo

Rs 17,000

(24 Lectures)

Course Content

Time: 10 weeks

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  • 46 hours on-demand video
  • 16 Articles
  • 39 Supplemental Resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Language: English
  • Certificate of Completion

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